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What to Expect In Your First Class

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

You've signed up and are getting ready to go to the studio. Here are some things you might want to know.

At this point you've either signed up for your first class, or you're still thinking about it. Either way, we know going to a new fitness studio for the first time can be a little intimidating and we want you to feel welcome the whole way through. That's why we put together this list of things to expect.

Sign up for an Intro class

Whether it's Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial, signing up for an Intro class is the best way to dip your toe into taking classes in the studio. These classes are for anyone who hasn't taken a pole or aerial class before, so you're all in the same boat! Everyone is learning these movements together so there is no need to worry about how you compare to everyone else - simply do your best :)

All movements can be adjusted

Let us know if you have any current or previous injuries or body limitations that we should be aware of so that we can adjust movements to be more comfortable for you. If you're concerned about weight limits on any of the equipment - there is no need to be worried! We welcome anyone in the studio, and any class can be catered to your specific needs.

Wear what makes you comfortable

We get a lot of questions about what to wear to the studio - and the answer is literally whatever you feel happiest and most comfortable! You can wear:

  • Pants (aerial or pole)

  • Shorts (pole)

  • Capris (aerial or pole)

  • Long sleeved shirt or sweater (aerial or pole)

  • T-shirt (aerial or pole)

  • Tank top (aerial or pole)

  • Sports bra or crop (pole)

  • Bare feet (aerial and pole)

You're about to learn new skills in a new class and a new studio - wear what you feel best in.

Avoid lotion the day of

We live in a crazy climate in Medicine Hat! It's either a super dry winter or its a hot and sweaty summer - it can be hard to keep your skin in peak smoothness (trust me I am right there with you!). That being said, it's best to avoid using any lotion before your class. It can make the pole super slippery, and it's not great for the silks or the tape on the hoop.

Leave your jewelry at home

When we're spinning and twisting around our poles, silks, and hoops, it is quite likely that something is going to get wrecked - either the jewelry or the equipment. Coming from a person who loses things (a lot), it's best to just leave your jewelry at home instead of taking it off at the studio (but that's an option too).

Your first class

When you get to the studio (instructions on finding the studio can be found on the Contact Us page) you'll be invited to choose your apparatus, whether that's a pole, silk, or hoop. You can keep your belongings near or beside your apparatus, or you can leave them in the waiting area - whatever you prefer. Once all the students are there, the instructor will introduce themselves and maybe ask a few questions about you (nothing too crazy, just your name and what brought you to the studio 😉), share some housekeeping information about the studio, and start the warmup. After the stretching and a bit of light conditioning, you'll be introduced to a few new moves. Once the class time is up, you'll run through a few cool down stretches and that's it! It'll go by so fast that you'll be ready to sign right up for your next class!

What happens after the Intro Class?

Once you're done your first Intro class you can go ahead and sign up for a level 1. You can also sign up for a flexibility or conditioning class if one of those suit you. You can also test out some other classes like the other Intro class, flexibility, or conditioning. When you're looking through the schedule, just check the details of a class for any listed pre-requisites. If none are noted - you're good to go!

We're excited to see you!

If this post hasn't answered all your questions yet, feel free to throw another question in the comment or reach out to me (Alex) directly. You are a welcome part of our community and we cannot wait to have you in the studio 💛

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